Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Last week, our basal story was "Gloria who might be my best friend," from the book "Stories Julian Tells." In the book, they fly kites and I definitely like to make connections with our stories. (As I was typing this, I thought that I had written about this last year, and I had. See HERE.)

If you want to see the "How To," go to this SITE.

This year, I got SMART! I had a little friend cut pieces for the string for the kite, and another little friend cut piece for the tail. Ah, I'll just sit here and listen to children read during quiet reading while you 2 work, work, work! :)

It really is fun to do this. And then we went outside and if they ran, there was just enough breeze for the kite to fly. Here's two pictures:

{Really, if you can identify the children in these pictures, please quit your Unified School District job and contact the FBI!} 

This was Thursday afternoon before Spring Break. I had decided to make this a "you have been respectful" reward time. For most of my 20 little friends, this is NOT a problem. But I have 3 that it is a huge problem for, and 1 that is starting to become that way. So I told them Thursday morning, that kids who had been respectful in class would be welcome to make kites. I also told them I would find some place else for kids who hadn't been respectful. Guess what? Two kids didn't make it. (I kept track - it was 5 strikes and you're out.) Friday afternoon, I decided to do a repeat - a fun activity in the afternoon for students who had been respectful. Guess what? Everyone got to do free choice on Friday afternoon. Isn't it amazing how that works? 

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