Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Madness

Our school has a Relay for Life team that is pretty active. One of the things they do ties in to March Madness. 

We have door decorating contests -

Well, it isn't really a door decorating contest. We're supposed to decorate our door to go along with March Madness. Then the kids can buy little paper basketballs for like a quarter each - and we add them to the door. The class with the most basketballs wins something - like a popcorn party or something. It is really crazy {madness!} how many of those little orange paper basketballs the kids will buy.

I tell you what - I was drawing a blank! I asked my hubby, what should I do to decorate my door in basketball fashion. That smart man that he is, said - ask your kids. 

So I did. Anybody that had an idea got to share it. We voted on about 13 or so ideas. Then we voted on the top 2 ideas. This one won. 

I actually think it's rather clever. One of my boys said to have yellow clovers coming out of a basketball goal. So I showed them {apparently not well enough for some of them!} how to draw a cloverleaf - on white paper. And then they - or some of them - cut them out. And they got to put them wherever they wanted on the door. {And yes, I made the basketball goal - which is pretty clever, too, I'm thinking! I cut out an oval shape and then added the yarn to make a net.}

And the best part is, as my hubby said, if anybody asks - I can say, well, my kids did it!


  1. No doubt they're proud of their work. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Tammy, to me, in a way, this is like the writing you were talking about last week. I see what needs help - and they see a cool door that they put together. I want to do more of this - where it's their deal, not mine.

  2. What a great idea--a door decorating contest, and the kids created the idea. Good luck!

  3. My class has never won - maybe this will be the year.