Saturday, March 22, 2014

See Me

This is a funny little story to me. 

We just got done with a writing project. So I had this rubric for their grade. It looked like this:


And I had two kiddos that hadn't turned in their graphic organizer or their sloppy copy. Which would definitely hurt their grade. And I hate giving bad grades! 

So I wrote "See Me" on the top of their paper. 

It's more a reminder to me than to them - because apparently the words "See Me" written by your teacher mean nothing to a 2nd grader. This has happened more than once. In years past, I would write See Me on a paper, pass the paper out, and then, when it was too late, realize that kiddo never came and saw me. 

So now I put the See Me papers on top and I grab the kid as they walk in the door. 

So I grabbed these two kiddos. And asked for their other papers on this project. 

And the next day, the little girl said her mom wanted to talk to me. I wasn't surprised. Even with the other papers, her grade was still lower than she usually does.

Her mom happens to work at my school, and she catches me in the hall. And we start talking. And I'm explaining the grade. The mom is rather limited in her English, so I ask the school secretary to come help us. And we're still talking about the grade and what happened, and why. Then I decide to break down the whole thing, and I tell the mom that the little girl hadn't even handed in everything, so I had put See Me on her paper. And the mom says, "Well, you said, See Me. So I didn't understand why, and my daughter didn't know why, but I came!" 

Umm, no I don't necessarily want to see you. I want to see your kid. And really, just her papers. 


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