Thursday, April 24, 2014

End of the Year Blues

Any body else having the - well, what else can I call it but the end of the year blues? I was sick about 2 weeks ago, and missed 3 days of school - and I'm still tired and my throat still hurts {I had to suck on cough drops yesterday - just love that sugar coating on all my teeth!} 

On top of that - and this is a good one - last Thursday, I went to school, put my stuff in my room and went to the library to get some books. Came back to my room and immediately noticed a perfume smell. Then another school bag - not mine. Yes, I had put in for a sub - but for the wrong day. Boo hiss on me. So I ended up doing my DRA testing that day. It went OK, but I was totally not ready for that! 

A biggie at our school is WPM Aims testing - and my kids {overall} dropped in that - boo hiss - we even work on it at least once a week. 

And those behaviors that we worked on in August and September are roaring back - I'm trying to think of new strategies to get my little friends' attention. 

And this is a total aside - but I've come to sorta think that sometimes it's those kids that move in during the middle of the year that make life just that much more exciting. For example, of my 5 top offenders, 4 of them are newbie kids. {So, of course, that gets me thinking that some of that might be me - not explaining expectations well enough - ok, maybe not much at all!}

So if you guessed that this was just a venting post - well, you guessed right. And guess what else - I'll be gone again tomorrow as my husband is having a medical procedure done that I need to take him to. That's another boo hiss.

It's gotta get better next week - right?


  1. I hope your husbands' procedure went ok! Yep, end of the year. Brings so many feelings. Hope you find something inspiring this weekend to help you next week.

    1. Thanks Alyce - it's so nice to hear somebody say - I know what you mean. You have a nice weekend, too' especially if the wind dies down - at least that's the case here.

  2. I'm sorry. How frustrating to get a sub on the wrong day. At least you made the best of it. And it's okay to vent out loud. I understand.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First