Sunday, April 13, 2014


This.... now this is what I love about spring!

{And apparently a little section of my finger - oh well.}
Ah, all that just makes it fun to go outside and walk around... if I can just ignore the weeds that are growing taller than my grass, and the dog poop that hasn't been cleaned up since winter... well, then I'm just a big fat happy camper! 

Ooh, Ooh... in my little rant on Saturday - about being sick and trying to get a sub and all. I forgot to add this! I was gone Monday. Tuesday, I'm back and I ask the kids to get out their writing project that we've been working on for a week and NO, we're not done yet {Some of you may know where this is going!!} and they told me, "The sub said to take it home."  What???? What??!! Nooooooo!!!!!

However, some of my little sweeties {obviously} do not follow directions well. And some of the rest of them never empty out their mailbox. And maybe some of them had the sense God gave them. So most of them still had theirs at school. And the couple that took them home were able to redo it pretty quickly. So yeah! 

But really, I subbed for 5 years before I started teaching. I never sent anything home unless the teacher said to send it home. One year, at Christmas I had a sub, and I had the kids make Christmas cards and I specifically wrote on my plans, "Pick these up so we can send them home with the present." and they went home. 

And I have to say - first, most subs are terrific and follow my plans {as best they can, because reading my mine would help sometimes!}; and second, we'd be lost without them, and third, I remember what it's like to be in a different room every day.

And Happy Sunday to you!


  1. It looks like spring is treating you well. (By the way, I gave you some Regie book ideas on my post.)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. I love, love my spring flowers!
      I saw your Regie book ideas - you are either no help or on commission from Amazon lol. I haven't taken time to check those titles, but I will and start with just one. Thanks for the ideas. Happy spring! Sara