Friday, January 23, 2015


It's been a little hard coming home from school this week. College Girl is, well, back at college. And my sweet, four-footed, furry girl passed away over Christmas break. Oh, how that dog wrapped herself around my heart.

So, no good segue way into what else I was thinking. I have been So Addicted to {oh, pooh, I guess my pic of this Bingo game isn't showing, and I'm not at home this weekend -- but trust me, this Bingo app is ridiculously fun and addictive!}

And this is the way it goes... I play and play and play. And I get rewards! Whoo whee!! And what do these rewards get me? Well, really... Nothing. Except more play time, and some stuff that makes it easier to get bingos --- which get me more rewards. 

And College Girl and I have agreed -- it's addictive! 

And of course, cuz I'm a teacher -- I'm wondering -- how can I translate this into my classroom? And I'm thinking especially in math. I'm wondering if there's some easy way to give rewards that don't drive me crazy keeping track, but just like in my bingo game - for continuing to play/work/persevere. And also for mastering new information. I have to admit, I'm just thinking out loud here, but hmmm? I wonder if this would work? 

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