Monday, January 12, 2015

How's Class Going

This just about breaks my heart

One of my co-teachers has done a lot of Kagan strategies training, and uses those strategies in her class a lot.

 One suggestion she had from the Kagan book is a page the students fill out called "How's Class Going?" The questionnaire has four statements that the students mark on a scale.

 One is: I feel like I belong to this class. So they mark 'yes' if that's true for them, and 'no' if it's not. And they can mark anywhere on the line. Well, the last statement says, "Students in this class like me." 3 students flat out put no. Ah. Pooh. That makes me so sad. 

So again, I need to figure out ways to encourage kindness and caring.

And sometimes, I feel those two things are even harder than math - which on the section where the students were to write, "What I like least..." almost half of them put math. But that's a whole 'nother deal!

Any suggestions on love and kindness - send them my way.


  1. Hey, I have missed you too! I have a few students that might answer that same way, but if they don't feel liked it is because they are always calling names or saying rude things to the other kids. I have about 5-6 boys that you pretty much have to separate as much as possible. It is ridiculous!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. Hi Sara
    I think Kelly is right, sometimes you have to take a look at who's saying no one likes them and why. And that's a tough one because sometimes kids feel like that and it's not true, and sometimes they want attention, but sometimes it's real. I did a thing one time called "car wash" when the kids were lined up for recess. They went through a line-up of kids (London Bridges style - like an automated car wash) and the kids all said something good about them. We took turns until everyone had a chance to go through the car wash. I think I'll try that again this year. Although with this class I'm gonna have to make sure it doesn't become "car wrestling match". Happy MLK Monday!

  3. Those are powerful and enlightening questions. I think I'd get positive answers this year. Last year? Hmm not as sure.