Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 5 of vacation

Those of you that are still going strong this morning - I admire you! I don't know how you get back up on Tuesay after Memorial Day and teach.

Who Would Win?: Tarantula vs. ScorpionMy last week was pretty good. I posted earlier about the books I was going to read. I also gave each student a book. Well, not each student. I had about 6 of Jerry Pallotta's Who Would Win books. I thought they would go fast, but I didn't realize! I had two boys who told me all the "good" books were gone, so they didn't want a book at all.

We also watched Toy Story 2. I couldn't get the sound to work very good, which turned out to be a good thing, because they were all very quiet so they could hear :) 

We had a game day - I got out my Legos, my blocks, my connecting blocks, and all the games I had - Connect 4, Candy Land, Trouble - and then let 6 students on computers for 15 minutes at a time. They enjoyed that, too, and (yeah!) got along!! {little funny aside - I joined IXL math for the last month on their freebie try-out plan. Two of my boys, for their 15 minutes on computers - which was do whatever you want - did IXL math. You goofs!}
And the big finale was our school wide fun day outside. As usual, my kids got along in the morning as we rotated around centers and competed in fun and funny games. But the afternoon because a little more testy. I told them it was fun day for me too so there was no fighting, no whining, no tattling. Ha!
I'm going to take some relaxing, not any school work time (except blog-stalking, which really, that doesn't count, does it??). Well, until next Monday, when I'm going to a Kim Sutton workshop. Very excited about that!
Happy Summer to everyone that is already out!

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