Friday, July 20, 2012


Or is it flustration - I don't know how to spell it, but I've got it. We went to the Big City for a couple days - took my daughter and a friend to a concert. It was my Big Chance - I told my family I really wanted to go to the Teacher Store. OK, not just any teacher store - the cool one -

So the day after the concert, we take the girls to the mall and my hub-bub to the food court :) and I charge over to the teacher store. As I'm approaching the building, I notice:

Online summer deal combo: 20% off hundreds of items, plus free shipping!Ok, that's not what I noticed but I can't find the real thing. They were offering 20% off! Whoo Hoo what better time to come!!

But as soon as I get into the store, I'm overwhelmed, my brain is in a swirl and I can't think straight. I have swatches of the colors that I want to use in my room and I wanted to get some letters to go with them - but which set of letters, these or these? (no, there's no picture - just in my brain.) And I didn't want to redo my borders (laziness :)

I finally just had to leave. I bought these letters (Creative Teaching Press - Popping Pattern)

Close this window

And I bought some stars to put students names on for jobs. I also bought some happy birthday stickers for them. And a math game called Math Dice Jr. I think it will be a good problem solving game. The white die in the middle is their goal - they want to use the other dice to add together to make that amount.
I'm flusterated because I really want my room to look nicer, more pulled together, more welcoming - and I was going to do that with colors - but I can't get myself to make a decision on What Colors! So grr to me. 
However, it is Friday and pay day for me. I'm going over to my sister's this evening (she lives an hour a way) and my sister who lives 5 hours away is coming and we're having a sister weekend. Maybe I'll ask them for some help! :)


  1. I ALWAYS get flusterated when I go into Lakeshore!!! I HAVE to go in with a specific list and STICK TO IT or else I'll walk out feeling more confused than when I walked in! So I feel you! :-) Have a great sister's weekend!!! It sounds like fun!!!!!

  2. I'm jealous. I don't have a Lakeshore around me so I have to buy online or through the catalogue. The teacher store near me is very expensive and not always open when they say:( I know how you feel. I'm trying to redo my colors this year so they match better.

    The Busy Busy Hive

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