Monday, July 9, 2012

What do I want to do?

Argh! With the 4th of July passing last week, it feels like summer is half over. No, no...I'm not half over relaxing, having my own schedule, doing things on my own timetable, doing kind of what I want.

I have a couple things I Really Want to Get Done before summer gets done. First up:
I'm thinking that I can make a homemade Welcome sign similar to this one. Instead of doing a class theme, I'm planning on doing class colors, and trying to tie things together that way. So the blue, yellow, pink, green, orange - those are it. Anyway, I really want to do this on the door - I think I'll make it this week's project!

I also saw these at Mrs. Bartel's School Family and she got the idea from Oh, Boy 4th Grade.

I have a blank space, so to speak, above the student's coat hooks and I'd like to do something like this above there. I'd like my pictures to say: Joy, Think, and I don't know... something else encouraging for school. This project will have to wait a week or two, so I have time to think of an idea! Oh, oh, I just hopped over to Farley's blog and she has the words believe and shine on hers. I like that!

This last thing is a super wish list idea:
Got an old bookcase I'd like to try this on(source)
I have two shelves... two sets of shelves - how do you say that? Anyway, one was a cheapo thing I got at a garage sale for $5 and the other was sitting outside another teacher's room and I said, "Can I have that?" Both are that beautiful wood laminate. I found a non-teacher blog, Centsational Girl, that told about how to paint over the laminate so the paint would stick. This project's a little scary for me. I don't think I would go quite this crazy/wild with the colors - but something a little more exciting than the plain brown. (I think I should say two bookshelves! what a goof I am!) Don't know that I will get this one done - but I sure would like to!

On the home front - I Really Want to:
1) Repaint my kitchen. We had new cabinets put in last summer and I slapped a coat of an orangish color on. Not liking it - so I found a blue that I'm going to try.
2) Paint the living room. My kitchen and living room are kinda one long room - so I want to repaint the living room to go with my new color I'm going to use in the kitchen.
(Thankfully I have my teenage daughter around, and I can press her into forced labor :)
3) I also want to refinish our kitchen table. I always used to use the Formby's kits when I did that - but I didn't see any at Home Depot when I was there the other day.

Ha, I probably also need to check my Summer Bucket List I did back in May for a linky party. I bet there are things on there I have completely forgotten!

Well, after probably 3 weeks of 100+ weather, woke up this morning to rain! Yeah! I will definitely be enjoying this cooler, if not muggy weather. Have a great Monday (or whatever day it is that you are reading this :)


  1. I love the shelves. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the shelves and the canvases.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  2. I just do colors in my classroom, too. I just couldn't think of a theme to do. Love the shelves!