Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book - Teaching with Intention

I'm continuing my personal study of Debbie Miller's book Teaching with Intention.  I looked at chapter 2 this week. {If you are interested in my take on Chapter 1, go here.}
 Teaching with Intention

This chapter starts out by talking about a specific classroom as an example, and Debbie Miller says this teacher had a vision of what she wanted for her kids, "and she made conscious decisions and taken deliberate actions to get them there." 

Miller then talks about how she came to define her own beliefs and she says she wishes this for us, the reader also. She asks to ask ourselves, "what do I value?"

Miller suggests that taking time to do some writing about our practices helps us figure out what we value. I did some of this when I first started skimming this book, but I feel I need to continue this practice.

I think it is very easy to feel tired at the end of the day, and writing about what's gone on just seems like another huge task. I certainly feel this way today. But I also know I enjoy writing and I really enjoy looking back over what I've written. And I want to be a reflective teacher.

So, I'm asking you, like Debbie Miller asks in her book, what do you value in your classroom?  

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  1. Such a great thought from you and Debbie Miller. I value many things, but one thing that comes to mind is that I value making learning in my classroom mirror real life as much as possible.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First