Saturday, April 27, 2013

Peace, Hope, Love and Kindness

I have been wanting to share this idea for a while, and I saw this linky party and thought it was the perfect time. The linky party is called Peace, Hope, Love and Kindness. The idea is to share a "something good" that has happened, or that we've done. 

Last year, our librarian was rather insistent that we stay with our kids while they were at the library. I didn't have much to do but sit there, so I started writing what I call "Good on You" notes. {I haven't been as good at it this year - boo hiss.} My idea was to write 4 or 5 of these notes a week. They are quick and simple - and Target is so nice to have these perfect sized notepads in their $1 section. Here's a couple examples:

I try to notice something that one of my kiddos has done - for example, the first one, this little gal is such a hard worker at centers - and seems to love to write and write and write - so I wanted to acknowledge that. My second student - doesn't like to write. So for him to even get started {and not spend his whole writing time sharpening his pencil} is a victory! 

I keep track of students I've written notes to and when, so that I can make a real effort to get around to all my kids. Sometimes its a little hard to think of something for a specific student - but if I write their name down and try to watch them during the day, something pops up that is perfect. These are just for little things - maybe treating a friend nicely, sharing a pencil, encouraging a classmate, helping me with something and so on. 

But - here's the biggie - my students LOVE getting these! When I say I've got a Good on You note for so and so - they are up to my desk in a flash. Sometimes I see them still in a child's desk. Last year at parent teacher conferences, a parent told me her daughter had taped my note to the refrigerator and went back and read it occasionally. Wow! 

Anyway, this is just a little way that I show my students I like what they are doing. If you have a Something Good - why don't you share it at the Peace, Hope, Love and Kindness Linky Party. 



  1. Thanks so much for linking up! I love this idea!!
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  2. Those are too sweet. My kids love these too, although I haven't been very good about them of late. I hope to pour it on during these final weeks. :)
    ❀ Tammy
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  3. Those notes are fabulous! Thank you for sharing your idea.