Thursday, April 18, 2013

Book - Teaching With Intention

I'm continuing to read Debbie Miller's book, "Teaching with Intention." This week is about environment, or the physical space, in our rooms.

 Teaching with Intention

Its hard not to think the grass is greener. When I student taught, my mentor teacher had three huge built in cabinets, and a long row of bookshelves, also built in. My current school doesn't have that - and I've just got to make it work :) {As a former co-worker liked to say, "It is what it is." Too true.}

Miller gives an idea - "Step outside your classroom door and look back in, as if for the first time. What do you see? Do you want to go back inside?" 

Ack! I say. I can think of pictures I've taken of my kids, and yuck, there in the background is a brown box, or a stack of books, or.... You name it.

But, tomorrow, I plan to take this step. I'm going to go in my room tomorrow morning, put up my coat and bag, and step back out of my room and back in. What catches my eye - in a good way or a bad way? And for me, some photos might help me as I think through this summer how I want my space to be. 

I'm also thinking of really being brave and asking a couple of my sweet students what they think about our room.

This is an awful time for me to be reading about physical space. I have WAY too many things that I just haven't taken the time to put back after I've used them. Or that need to leave my room :) But I've also been able to find a few pockets of time lately to do a little something - for example, my closet - the part that looks straight at me when I open the door. 

Anyway, wondering about you - when you really take time to look and see - what do you see? Do you want to go back in? Do you care to share?? 

Tomorrow's Friday and I'm testing. Hoping to get it all done! Have a good one - Sara   


  1. I try to think about this too. If I were a parent looking into the room, what would I think? It's a great question to ask.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Man, "what would a parent think" may be an even bigger eye opener!

  2. Thanks. This is a wonderful reminder for me. I want to read this book.

  3. It's been a while since I read that book! I need to do that again. I mostly see children's desks when I walk in! Thanks for the reminder!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

    1. Ha - children's desks in a messy way? I often just notice the stuff spilling out of their desks. Of course, I never notice MY messes!