Thursday, April 12, 2012

Super Spy

Like WOW! This seems super cool. Seusstastic Classroom Inspiration is blogging about HearALL Assessment Recorder. Mel D. gives lots of ideas on how to use it - but wouldn't this be a terrific thing to have in your classroom. It could be a secret spy in your room. Or, I guess you could use it for assessments. Whichever.

Mel write about using the recorder at a center with some talkative little friends, using it to assess sight words and Dibels, or as a "Read to Someone" at a center.

Well, the sad part is the device is $100 - but the terrific part is Mel is giving one away! I hope I'm a winner!

It's Thursday, my recess day is over and Friday is almost here! Happy Day!


  1. I entered this too! I can see a dozen ways that I could use win in my classroom. If I don't win I am thinking about writing a Donor's Choose proposal . . .

    Second Grade Math Maniac Blog

    1. I've never done a Donor's Choose - is it easy? When I went to their website, I couldn't find any "how to's." Anyway, would be a pretty nice addition to the classroom.