Sunday, April 22, 2012

This and That and End of the Year Gifts

It's my anniversary weekend - long ago and far away, I married this crazy guy - why is he crazy? Because he listens to all my jabber-jawing about school and kids and co-workers and kids and kids and kids and kids. So I took a personal day Friday and we went to the big city (ha!) and had a wonderful time. But when I was telling my class on Thursday that I would be gone, one of my little stinkers - I mean, sweeties, said "I hate subs." And I thought, I've never looked at it from their point of view. I was just all excited to be out of the classroom for a day and get a break from them (plus spend the day with my hub-bub, of course!).

Saturday after we got back, I ran up to the school because (typical of me) I had forgotten to grab the Scholastic Book order I needed to place. And of course, I can't help myself, I look at the sub note and she says she can't get the VCR to work. So I try it, and the TV was on like channel 8 instead of 3. And I put it on 3 and It Works! Um, maybe you need to try to figure this out before you actually need it! Like I put in my plans! Hello! Aren't sub plans so much fun - and then if you find out they didn't follow them - well, fun, fun!

So, Courtney at Swimming into Second is having a Linky Party about End of the Year gifts. My gift is nothing fancy - I buy a bunch of books (or use my points) from Scholastic and I lay them out on the table. I draw sticks and the kids get to come pick a book. Then I write something like, "Have a great summer, from Mrs. Sanders."

I realized a couple years ago (when I did a reading log) that many of my students didn't have One Single Book at their house. A tragedy, in my opinion. So I give them a book at Christmas and a book at the end of the year. It isn't much, it isn't fancy, but I like it. So if you have a fun gift you give, share your idea at:

It is a beautiful Sunday here in western Kansas. Not too hot, not too much wind. Just wonderful. So I'm spending part of my day outside and NONE of it on school work :)


  1. Thanks for joining my linky party. Happy anniversary!

    Swimming into Second

  2. I always loved receiving a free book from teachers in grade school! I did this with my student teacher last year. It was funny because my students ended up collaborating and giving me a bunch of books to start my own classroom library! I found you at the linky party and I'm your newest follower!

    Cheers To School

    1. Yeah for you - getting books for your class library! I'd love that.

  3. It is so sad to find out that the kids don't have books at home! I have the same thing happen in my classroom, so I always give the kids tons of books.

    I found you through the End of Year Linky Party and I'm not following your blog! I just linked up my end of year gift there... which includes tons of books!
    A Turn to Learn

    1. Love, love books! I read all the time when I was a kid. That's one reason it's sad to me that they don't have books. How do you get books to give away?