Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Theme Ideas for the end of the year

You know how you get that idea that you've seen something somewhere, and now you want to find it? I knew I had seen a post about Inventors. I had looked at some blogs where I thought I had seen it, but no. Last night, I decided I was going to look at each blog I have bookmarked and see if, with some serious looking, I couldn't find what I was looking for. TaDa! Cara at The First Grade Parade has one blog post about inventors, but I'm thinking that's enough to get me going. I need to find some books at our library, but Yeah! 

And I purchased Deanna Jump's Dinosaur unit. I know that she is a (wonderful) kindergarten teacher, but after looking at this unit, I think there is a lot I can use with my 2nd graders.  She also has a post on her blog about some of the things she has done. 

These are two ideas that I'm hoping to incorporate into our last few weeks, but I'm afraid time will fly by fast. We still have to do science experiments for an assessment for our district, a presentation (also for a district assessment) a couple math assessments - and then a few fun things - a zoo field trip (for a town our size, we have a WONDERFUL zoo) and a fun day with our 2nd graders.

I'll be attending a common core math in-service tomorrow and then I have Friday and Monday off. Yeah!

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