Saturday, April 28, 2012

TpT and a few other things

I spent about an hour and a half this morning and another hour this afternoon printing out stuff I've bought from TpT. I'm so bad - I find something cute, I mean useful, and I buy it. Well, my plan now is to actually use it! I also did lots of feedback that I had neglected so I could see my TpT credits go up, up, up.

Some stuff I'd look at and say to myself, agh, why did I buy this? But then I'd look again and say to myself - oh, yeah, this is good; I'd use this; I could try this. I'm happy that our district has a central teacher place that has laminators and die cuts - and we can laminate as much as we want for free. It's just the getting there that's the problem. Anyway, I didn't realize that was quite a benefit until I read on a blog that that wasn't true for everyone. Anyway, I'll be there laminating my heart out some time next week.

I had a sub on Thursday so that I could DRA test - I don't know if anyone else does this. Anyway, my sped student moved up a couple levels - yeah for him. But he asked - did I pass? Well, yes, he passed several levels, but no, he's not reading at grade level. I didn't tell him the last part, of course. Some of my kids didn't do as well as I had expected - those I want to strangle - no, no, obviously I mean nurture just that extra bit more! 

Our story in our reading series last week was called "Working in Space." I supplemented that a little in the afternoon and we did some learning about space and planets. I found a great thing at Smart Exchange called "Blastoff." For each planet, it had links to a short video and also to pictures of the planet's surface. The kids enjoyed it - and I think they enjoyed telling me how much they already knew! (I think the link will take you somewhere in the vicinity
of the download.) 

Well, happy Saturday - I bought a ton a plants that are now asking to be planted!


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