Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday bits and pieces

In my last post, I wrote about our Leaf Project we were working on. I must really have a thing for leaves this year, because the post before that {and the activity before that} were about leaves. Hmmm, wonder what that's all about? 

Well, I ended up not really liking what happened with our Leaf Project. I knew they would be a little different because the blog where I got the idea from - she's a real art teacher and she used oil pastels. But I knew my daughter and I had done something similar with crayons and black paint - so I was thinking it would work. You be the judge:

 {OK, I'm also unhappy with Dropbox right now, because I can't get it to upload my photos without ALL my phone photos uploading. Don't really want all of those uploaded.} 

Anyway, back to the Leaf Project - blah - I think my paint was too thick and it didn't end up being a wash - added to the fact that I don't think very many of the kids colored dark enough.  

Also, this week we did a little measuring length. I used part of Amy Lemons' I Can Measure Unit. She has an activity with the names of objects and the kids sort them into About an Inch, About a Foot, About a Yard. It is so fun to check where they sorted things and say, "A dad's foot is a yard???"  while I hold up the yardstick. Or, "A baseball bat is about an inch??" The best one was the width of a door - somebody put that at an inch, and when I asked about it, moved it to a foot. We finally got it over to a yard. 

I Can Measure! (using inches and centimeters)

Today we had a half day plan day {and a half day off, but really, I just came home and finished up some lessons, cuz I'm a teacher dork.}. Anyway, I had 2 things I wanted to get done at school today - 1- grade a writing project my kids had worked on last week {especially so I could show the Mamas and the Papas}, and 2 - wipe off some of the dust around my room - because....
Next week is Parent/Teacher Conferences. And I'm happy to report I got my 2 things done - and then got into a great big mess with my books - trying to sort through them. And then thinking, how did this happen? I was just straightening my room!

This year, I've made a real effort to meet all my parents before now. I think I've gotten everyone, but my one guy who goes to the Y right after school and doesn't get picked up by a parent. But come to think of it, I met his grandma, does that count? 

And finally, I got that dreaded email this morning - yup, you know the one. So and So has enrolled at Blank School. He will join Sara's class. {Man, it's hard to change the names to protect the innocent :) } Anyway, all of that to say, I'm getting a new student on Monday. Every time I get a new student in the middle of the year, I want to be loving and kind and excited - but I usually just have to settle for loving and kind. And hope that he can read at grade level and he's kind and gets along with the other kids {I do have the best class this year :)}

And in my final bit of exciting news, it snowed here today - basically all day until about 3 o'clock. Which is very unusual - because this is southwest Kansas and we usually have a nice fall. But the moisture is most welcomed!    


  1. Hi Sara! I wonder if your paper was the problem in your art project. We have some very cheap white paper that has ruined many an art project that involved watercolors or ink. I bet the kids loved the process and that's what's important! It is tough to get new students just when you've gotten your class figured out. Snow sounds magical to this California girl!

  2. So hear you Sara! Planning on my off time, and making a mess when I am cleaning. Good luck!

  3. I've been fortunate (I guess) to have the bigger class the last few years, so I haven't gotten too many kids in the middle of the year. I had seen an idea on pinterest to have a new student pack all made up with folders, journals, etc... so all you had to do was put on names. I've got one set in my cabinet just in case... It was cold here in Oklahoma, but all we got was rain.

  4. I got my 25th student this week. Um, we've got some work to do. I hope your new little one fits right in.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First