Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Wrap Up

Happy Monday evening! Is anyone else as tired as I am? I came home from the weekend at college town with college daughter - ex haust ed! So after hub-bub and I unloaded the car and I told him about my visit, we sat down to watch an old Columbo movie - and I promptly fell asleep - about 8pm. And slept until 6:30 this morning, which is actually late for me.

We had a book fair at our school during Parent Teacher Conferences. Does anybody else do this? It works out great for the teachers - our PTO gives us some money to buy some books for our classroom. Here's what I got:

Whoo Hoo - I didn't get them until the end of the day - so I'll have to take a good look at them tomorrow.

Also, somebody was giving away this book shelf, 

so after much internal debate, I snagged it. I'm still not sure. It is two sided, and my thought was I could put books I didn't want out yet on the back side. But it is HEAVY! So I'd probably have to have both sides accessible. Now I'm trying to think through how to make it accessible to me and not to the kids - ha! Those snoopy little guys!! 

OK, I just have to tell this story. My last conference was a reschedule from the day before - and she picked the very last time I had before I got to leave for the day and head to college town to see college daughter. And they were late. I was so mad at myself, because I just had an inkling they would be late and I was kicking myself for even giving them the last available time. So I hustled through the conference and I said, "I'm sorry, my time's up. Did you have anything else." "Nope," said the mom. And I said, "Well, I'm heading out to college town to see my girl." And my sweet student said, "Cause that's where all your money goes, right?" Umm, yep. Guess I've said that a time or two, lol. 

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