Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Phonics Ideas and a call for Help!

I'm such a copy cat - I completely stole this idea from The First Grade Parade.

{OK, hers was like super duper way cuter.} I was blog stalking last night and saw this idea - and copied the idea - but our phonics pattern this week is double consonants and ck {personally, it's like they couldn't think of any place to have the ck, so they just tossed it in this week!} Anyway, for most of my kids it was pretty easy. If I do something similar, I'd try to put in some multi-syllable words. But really, when you only have 5 minutes before they come in from recess...well, the brain doesn't have time to think of all that!

Also - HELP! Two days in a row, I've been driving home and - shoot, forgot to tell my kids that! Both days it was what to wear tomorrow. Maybe that doesn't seem like such a biggie, but in 2nd grade world, that's important. We had different theme days for Red Ribbon week - today was sweats day. Since I forgot to tell them, it was me and about 3 boys - that always wear sweats. 

Anyway, anybody have any good tricks for remember to tell them stuff before they walk out the door. I Am ALWAYS Forgetting! {I even made that a "job," but the two people I've had in that position really should be fired - because they don't do their job.}

Tomorrow is a flurry for me - we are having our Autumn Celebration tomorrow - and I'm trying to get ready for a sub for 3 days. My hub-bub is having knee replacement surgery in the Big City on Halloween. Planning for one day of a sub is bad enough, but 3!!! 
Anyway, Happy Autumn Celebration to you - even if you aren't formally celebrating :)


  1. I love your posts. They're always so real. And alot of times funny. I have to plan for a sub for 3 days, too. Next week. And at first I thought it was for something cool and fun, plus a hotel room and free food- but now I guess not. 3 days of solid meetings. Hopefully only 10 hour days. Yuck. And parent teacher conferences when I get back. Good luck with your sub planning.

    1. Thanks, Amanda - I hope your sub planning went well - I always print my plans and then think of more to add :).
      Sorry your trip isn't going to be more fun. Maybe you'll at least get some good meals.
      Happy Halloween! Sara

  2. Hi Sara! Good luck to your husband! (And to you making all those plans...). I think he will feel so much better after the surgery- so many people say it is the best thing ever! I always love your posts. I wish I could help more with reminders as the kids leave... there are just some days when it goes right out of my head. I have a little dry erase board RIGHT by the door- and even then- I forget to read it. That is so bad! I usually type a note and put it into the kids' folders that they take home each day- right when I think of it- otherwise- who knows what I will do! ;) Have a fun day. We have our "Fall Festival" today, too...
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

    1. Carolyn, my hub-bub is in so much pain, I'm sure it will be better.
      I have to say I was hoping somebody would have a magic wand they would wave over my head to help me remember stuff. But it doesn't look like that will be happening. I thought about putting a magnetic notepad by the door - hoping the kids would be so nosy, they'd ask. Lol.
      Have a good Fall Festival or happy halloween! Sara

  3. I pray the surgery went well. Sorry about sub plans though. Not fun. I text my parents to remind them of things. Look up Remind101. Parents sign up, I text them from my computer using the Remind101 site, and parents can't text me back. They never see my number. It's free, easy, and slick. I also have a To Do List on my board that lists things we all need to remember - things from Red Ribbon activities to show your greatness.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. First, the surgery went great. My hubby is doing well and has been able to do some walking.
      Second, I knew somebody would have a good idea for helping me remember - I'm gonna check out that reminder app. Thanks Tammy