Thursday, October 10, 2013

Leaf Project

It is a very windy day here in my part of the world - and it's that nasty wind, lots of gusts which brings lots of dust blowing. And to top it off, I had recess duty. So that's a big yuck!

Plus, my friend gave me these cool shelf deals to put construction paper in - for my closet. And they had just been laying in my closet, not put together, and I decided to take care of that today. But of course, nothing goes as planned, so I was just shoving everything back in the closet when the kids came in from lunch recess. So I stayed late to finish that up. 

And was happily driving home, when I realized and remembered that the last gift that Hub-Bub wanted for his birthday {Saturday} was NOT at Target like I'd hoped when I went there last night, which forced me to head out to Wal-Mart. Which really wasn't that bad - but just the thought of it - shudder.

Of course, no pictures of this cool shelf deal, because why would I think of pictures in the heat of the moment. 

BUT - Parent Teacher conferences are coming up, and my walls are looking either bare or still have first of the year stuff up. So I saw this neat idea - HERE
This image is from her website - so I'll try to take pics tomorrow so you can see ours. I didn't have oil pastels, so we used crayons. I'm crossing my fingers they will work. 

This was so funny {to me}. The website gal says if she lived in the Midwest, she'd use real leaves, but she doesn't, so she made templates for the kids. So first - this morning, I'm frantically running around my yard looking for sorta big leaves, while trying desperately hard not to get sprayed by the automatic sprinkler. But 2nd, when I had a spare moment today, I was frantically trying to cut out leaf templates for the kids to use. What did they use? The real leaves. 

Today we did the drawing and coloring of the leaves. They looked pretty good, I thought. {Big aside, does anybody else have some, well, I politely call them slow processors? I mean, it takes about 3 of my kids ForEver to get stuff done. Which of course means they Did Not get their leaves all drawn and colored today, like I was hoping everybody would get to. But such is a teacher's life.} {Oh, wait, little aside here - so I explain, you've got to use crayon on this or it won't show up when you paint it. Can we use colored pencil? Can we use markers? Can we use a regular pencil? Sometimes I just want to say, Fine Children, do whatever you want. It will be like a great big experiment!}

OK, this is one tired teacher lady. I have recently become hooked on Ugly Betty on Netflix. I Like It! 

So I'm heading upstairs to watch an episode and eat a snack that I just really don't need. Then maybe I'll do some arm exercises - lol!

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  1. I can't wait to see your leaves! I live in Oklahoma and we had a beautiful day, I guess you got all of the wind in Kansas. It drives me crazy when you tell them what to use and then they ask if they can use all sorts of things, too.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher