Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Memorable Students

I've been doing some of

And I really wanted to write about yesterday's - - - but I had a minor medical procedure in the morning and I spent the afternoon on the couch watching
 on Netflix with my eyes mostly shut.

So anyway, yesterday's prompt was "Who are your memorable students? Share a story."

I have two that I wanted to share about. The first was a girl from my very first 3rd grade class that I taught for only one semester. {Read more here.} Her name was Sofia. She was an ESL student. And sort of a "tough chick," even for 3rd grade. I basically remember two things about her - one, at the very end of the year, I tested her for a DRA score - and realized, she just couldn't read. And somehow, she'd fooled me for a whole semester. It made me feel pretty stupid, and I was sad, and full of regret. But I'm also glad I realized pretty early that some of those that need the most help can fool you pretty good. 

The other thing I remember about her is ... well, background first - I got a Burmese student my first semester and she didn't speak any English. And I'm sure you are realizing, I don't speak any Burmese. Well, I think Sofia would have been a good mentor for this girl - show her around, help her learn some English. But I just really missed the boat on that one. 

So, so sorry Sofia, I was just learning. 

And two years ago, Freddy. I love Freddy. He was loud - almost all the time. I don't think he had a quiet button. One time, he'd been a little silly in class, and I went to talk to his dad, and his dad said he couldn't understand English, so I tried to have Freddy tell him, and his dad said he couldn't understand Freddy. Oh whatever!

But, Freddy was willing to ask me questions. And they were things I never thought of. Like I have my phonics lessons on Powerpoints. And I'd have these words that followed the patterns, and never thought much about it. Until one day, Freddy asked, what's that mean? about one of the words. Hmmm, I never thought that some of my ESL kids wouldn't have that vocabulary. So because of Freddy, I look at everything and think, do I need to try to add a picture? What's here that some of my kids might not be familiar with? And I also try to use video clips a lot, to give a little background. It is soooo true that a picture is worth a thousand words!

So thanks Freddy for helping me be a better teacher. 

And that's a little bit about two of mine.


  1. I like this question, I have several favorites...I might write too much! lol I loved reading how the students helped you be a better teacher. Cool!

    Psych is one of my favorite shows. there are certain episodes that have me rolling with laughter.

    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

    1. Oh, man, sometimes I feel like I learn more than they do! Lol
      I've always enjoyed Psych. I was sitting on the couch and told my girl I thought I could go to sleep if I just had a show on I'd seen before. So she suggested Psych. Not sure what that says about things.

  2. Oh, the students we learn from--there are so many. Love your comment about adding pictures or video clips to add background. I will remember that.

    1. The video clips - that's something my principal has complimented me on, so that's a yay!
      And yes, so many students we learn from lol.