Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Share My Story

I'm trying the Blogging Challenge from

{Today has been so productive - College Girl and I have been watching 

on Netflix since noon. Ack! How did that happen? I totally blame it on her!!!}

Today's challenge is "How did you end up in education? Who or what inspired you to teach? Share your story!"

I wrote about this some here not too long ago.  Well, let me add a little to that. I student taught with a 3rd grade teacher. She was fantastic. Even though she's taught for like 30 years!!!!, she still keeps fresh. She did a lot of hands on things, but she also made sure her students did the basics. She made sure they knew their math facts, but also how to do problem solving. She made them work on handwriting, and grammar, but also worked on higher level comprehension skills. She was very affirming to the little nervous Nellie.

And then, Ack! Out her door I went. Didn't have a job, but it was Christmas break, so whatever. I thought I'd do some subbing, maybe long term. And then I did get asked to do a long term sub for a 1st grade teacher. And then, yahoo! I got an interview for a 3rd grade position at a school I had subbed at a lot. And I went and interviewed. And I drove home, and opened my garage door, and my daughter was standing there waving a note. In the 5 or so minutes it took me to drive home, the personnel officer had called and was offering me the job. When I called him back, he even said, "I guess I beat you home." 

I loved 3rd grade. Well, I guess I should say, I love 3rd graders. I taught Reading and Science. I had my class in the morning and switched with another teacher in the afternoon. I enjoyed it, but I probably wasn't too good at Guided Reading. OK, I really didn't even do Guided Reading, so it's a fair bet to say it wasn't too good in my room. 

My team, well, they kinda stunk. My literacy coach, not much help. 

So at the end of the year, a 2nd grade teacher was retiring. And I was asked by each of the other 2nd grade teachers, didn't I want to come be a 2nd grade teacher. And my two best advisers, my hubby and my mom, thought it would be a good idea. 

So I did. And now I love 2nd graders. 

That's a little bit more about how I got here. And blogging two days in a row! WhooWhee!


  1. Oh, sounds divine! I LOVE Second graders! I haven't even taught Second yet. I did for guided reading, but not in the classroom. I fell in love with Second grade this year partly because the Second grade classroom teachers gave me wings as a guided reading teacher and I learned so much about teaching through discovery and research!

    1. I love your enthusiasm! And yea for another teaching helping you in such a great way!

  2. Hi Sara, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad to hear that you are taking a class on cultural diversity--such an important topic for ALL teachers! Don't forget to relax this summer, though :)

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Bilingüe

    1. My cultural diversity class has made me think about some things for sure. And you are so right about relaxing! It's too easy to just go, go, go! Sara

  3. I love that you were hired before you even arrived home. That must have felt great!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Oh, it did. I know it helped that they were in a tight spot, and the principal knew me from subbing, but still....
      And when I read your comment, I realized I forgot to write about my very first day. It's s winner - I'll have to add it sometime. Sara