Saturday, October 25, 2014

Five for... 10/25


Five for..... whatever day it is!

1 - Work day yesterday!

That's a Happy dance for any teacher. My district probably comes out pretty good, because it's really only a half day, but a lot of us stay past. I got a lot done - grades entered, my file box emptied, a little room straightening, and sorting some books for my mentee. Am I the only one -- I feel like I'm moving and grooving for the first two-plus hours. Then I look at the clock and I only have an hour left, and whoosh! It's gone in a minute.

2 - I have these four little friends - their reading skills are low, low, low. And I had this thought. I was thinking about how my daughter learned to read - we read fun books that she picked together. OK, I read, or her dad read. So on Fridays, or the last day of the week, I gather my 4 little friends, and we read something fun. I read to them. No expectations of them reading. We look at the pictures, and talk about them. Yesterday, we read about Bats. And we looked in the table of contents, and only read the things we were interested in. It's probably naughty. But I want to bring some joy in reading to these little friends.

3 - This turned out pretty good - 

and I'll admit, I totally stole this idea from some anonymous person {anonymous, because I don't remember who}. 

They are little spiders with our phonics pattern from last week. I assigned one of the double consonants to buddies and they made a list of words that had those letters. I checked the words for spelling, and then gave them the parts to make spiders. If I do it again, I'll probably make the legs a little thinner. I like how my little friend in the top picture gave her spider 8 eyes. Making it realistic! Of course, these are a couple of the better ones. I had a couple that looked like spiders that had been stepped on. :)

4 -

I'm trying reading journals this year, sometimes with a little help from Deanna Jump, like here. We were looking at main idea and details about thunderstorms. It's so funny, they enjoy the coloring part so much, but we can't do that until our reading block is done. You know how that goes.

5 - We started this book
and I found that owls are rather fascinating. I'm hoping we can get through the rest of the book and then try to draw an owl and label it's talons, ears and some other parts. 

Hoping you are enjoying your weekend. I'm thinking mine's going to be a lazy one!


  1. 1. I LOVE that you read with your littles with no expectation--fantastic. 2. Great job on the reading journal--I want to do that also. Happy weekend!!

    1. Yay - somebody thinks my reading with no expectations is a good idea! Thank you for that, my friend. We did reading journals this week (it was a short week) on a chapter book. Even my low kids are enjoying it. Happy, happy!