Saturday, October 11, 2014

5 for Friday - 10/11


 1 - This is The Best! Thursday evening, I was home alone {well, of course with lovable mutt} because hub-bub was at a work meeting, coincidentally in College Town - so that lucky duck got to see College Girl. I was locking up the house, getting myself ready for bed, and the phone rings. It's College Girl. Which is super strange because that girl Never Calls!!! And she told me she was an hour from home!!!!! So of course, I stayed up and waiting for her {and quick thew a brownie mix together and baked it :)} and then we ate brownies and gabbed for an hour. Then she told me she had to go to bed - like I was keeping her up! But whatever!! So glad to have her home for the weekend.

2 - I really do have the insect pics my students drew - Finally!
What our eyes see - what an insect's eyes see

 Love all these colorful dragonflies!

3 - Last Friday, I gave the Engage NY math assessment for measuring.
Who won the contest? Sarah  How do you know? She threw it a little more.

Explain your choice - It is a very long thing to help us measure.

It is the right amount - yup, there you go!

It is good measuring.
Use that centimeter cube because it is a great idea
The last one made me laugh out loud. No explanation is needed except it's a great idea!

4 - We had apple day - if you want to know more what we did - basically the same as last year - except I wasn't there this year - Smiley face. OK, apparently that was two years ago. We, or should I say they, did apple themed relays and then apple tasting of four kinds of apples and then apple juice and apple cider. I had left in my plans for the sub to have them draw an apple, but apparently they were too busy, or having too much fun with something to do that. So we did it on Monday when I got back. 

Most of them turned out pretty good.

5 - Leaves - I love to do leaf activities!

 The kids voted on which of three leaf activities they wanted to do. They picked the leaf painting one, and boy, do I think they turned out terrific. {Much better than the first time I tried this!} I sent home baggies for them to collect leaves - about half of them did. And Thursday night, while it was drizzling, I collected some from my yard for those that didn't bring their own. Friday, they painted a thin layer of paint on the leaf and then pressed the leaf on the paper. If they painted the side with the veins - not always a given - they turned really cool! 

And now I'm off to enjoy dinner with College Girl and Hub-Bub and College Girl's friend who is a boy. Happy Weekend!


  1. I'm pretty sure I've heard of Engage NY. What exactly is it?
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Engage NY is a math curriculum developed by New York State, and it's free online. It's pretty structured. We are supposed to use it "with fidelity" and I sure am struggling with it.

  2. WOW--love those math answers!! Kids are great learners when they have great teachers. Have a fantastic week!