Saturday, August 2, 2014

It Happened

It happened. Thursday evening. What, you might ask. I got excited. About the new school year. How'd that happen, you might wonder. Two things.

First, my husband and I were driving somewhere, and I saw one of my kids from last year. I leaned out the window and said, "Hi, Carlos." And you know what he did? I bet you do. "Mrs. Sanders! Hi, Mrs. Sanders!" So excited! Ah, that's such a heart warmer.

Later that evening, I checked my schools online grading system. Remember how I wrote that it said "you have no classes." Well, that's changed. I had 21 students (and probably counting.) So I looked at everybody. Remember how I said I look at all those statistics and scary teacher things' until they become "my" kids. Yep did that.

The school year is becoming a little more real to me - and I'm happy with that. 

I spent a little time in my room this morning. I was hoping to be all ready by the time I left - but haha, the joke's on me. 

This is what things looked like when I walked in:
View from the door
 Ack! I mean, yes, I'm thankfully getting a new desk. So Thursday, when College Girl and I were up at school, we dumped everything out of the old desk. But they didn't quite have the new desk ready.
 It's like whoever was putting it together just stopped in the middle because it was 5 o'clock. Well, not that I blame them - I'd quit at 5 o'clock on Friday, too.

 All the stuff from my desk - I'm thinking it's not all going to fit in that smaller desk. Some adjustments will need to be made. {Eww, could that including tossing some unused stuff - I don't know - that's pretty radical!!}

 Yea! I got all my books out of those beautiful (not) Scholastic boxes that book orders come in and into plastic tubs. I'm liking it. OK, maybe need to turn a couple of them around.

 This side of the room looks great. All I need to do is add the chairs to the desks.

So, getting excited, have a bit to finish at school, need to firm up lesson plans {crossing my fingers I can get them done through Labor Day} and then it will be time for the kiddos to come! 

Happy Weekend!!


  1. You must be starting soon. I have a few weeks to go before heading back. I'm guessing that once I get back in my room the same thing will happen to me. I'll get excited. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I thought I would try to do the same with the lesson plans, but I just have a mental block. I can't seem to figure out where to start. I had better get to work, I have to go back on Aug 8 (this coming Friday) for new teacher orientation. I don't know how to get on line to check my class roll. This district uses a different system than my last one. It looks like you got quite a bit finished, good luck with the rest of it,
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  3. Looking good, Sara! Now that I finished the music room, I can concentrate on my room!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  4. I had trouble even writing my welcome letter-I think I have summer brain freeze! :) I am kind of afraid to go into my classroom on Monday. Always such a daunting task. It looks like your room is really coming along though! :)

    Not Just Child's Play